Where are sessions held?

A rehearsal space in the Theater Row building near 42nd Street and 9th Ave.


How long is a session?

1 hour.


What if I need just a little more time?

We aren’t counting the clock. Art takes time. If just that last take is needed, let’s get it done!


Does this mean I go another 50 minutes?

Dude. No. Don’t be a jerk about it.


Can I do two auditions in a single session?

No. One audition per session.


Okay. Now, what do I wear?

It’s best to wear that looks great on YOU. Better to avoid black and white,  but there are always exceptions. Don’t stress to much about it. Just feel great in whatever you wear. It will read!


Should I bring a second choice?

Absolutely! And let it be different in style/color.


Can I do my hair/make-up in the studio?

Yes! It may be possible to arrive early, but that is subject to timing, so just check in! 


What if I need to change my hair/makeup between scenes?

Go for it. There is a mirror in the room and a bathroom down the hall.


What will happen during the session?

Great question. It’s different every time. Each session is curtailed to what that individual needs, drawing on a variety of modalities. What we do is draw out an organic, spontaneous performance from you. The fun is discovering how to get there together!

Broadly speaking, we’ll usually read through the scene first, do an initial take, talk about it, do another take, and continue that process until we have the right one.


That was amazing! How can I pay you?

Easy. Cash, check, or Venmo are acceptable payment methods.


How can I get my tape?

After our session, either a single continuous clip or one clip per scene will be uploaded to Vimeo. The clip will be downloadable and password-protected. 

It can also be sent with Wetransfer.


When will I get my links?

Typically, 20 minutes - 3 hours. But it really depends. This gets worked out at the end of the session once we know what the work is and what your needs are.


What if I need to cancel my session?

Text AS SOON as you know you have to cancel.

If you cancel within 3 hours of your session, you will be required to prepay in the future.


I loved my session! Can I tell my friends about it?

Absolutely! If you share a review and link our Instagram page, you’ll get 10% off your next session!